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Wesley Ko

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Ragina & Eldrick
Peter & Alice
Valerie & Paul
What My Clients Say
I would like to say thank you to Wilson because he connected us with Wesley, which was probably the best thing that could have happened to us. Wesley was helpful the whole time and we never felt like we were in the dark about anything. I always felt like he listened to us and not only that, he guided us on what to look for. The one other person that i’m really thankful for is Amy. She was just so detaile...

— Ragina & Eldrick

What My Clients Say
Honestly, it’s like starting a new life, owning a home. Everyone did a great job including Asad on the loan side. The offer strategy was huge as well. We heard from others and they were more or less the same. You guys had set the right expectations and the right strategy. You can’t beat getting your first offer accepted! You were thinking on our behalf and what we like instead of just trying to finish th...

— Peter & Alice

What My Clients Say
We’re from the Bay Area and we’re from immigrant families. We wanted to put roots down in a city that we love and a community that we believed in. We did not know anything about buying a home, we just knew we wanted to stay in the Bay Area. We met Wesley through that process as an educator I was able to go through a down payment assistance program where we met him. Wesley reached out and understood that...

— Valerie & Paul

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